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Cyber Ninjas Release Their Maricopa County Arizona Forensic Audit Income Statement

Cyber Ninjas’ income statement from the Arizona Forensic Audit draws attention to the nearly 9 million dollars spent over 9 months. 

On August 20th, 2021, Cyber Ninjas, the company hired to run the Arizona Forensic Audit in Maricopa County, submitted their preliminary report on their findings. What had captivated the country for months ended with a little splash. 


The GOP-sponsored audit of the election by Cyber Ninjas found no election fraud in Arizona. In fact, their audit ended up finding additional votes for Joe Biden. 


After months of analyzing ballots by hand and millions of taxpayer dollars, their findings confirm what we already knew—that American democracy is strong and our elections are secure. 


Election integrity and American democracy remain intact—and a beacon of freedom for rest of the world.

How Much Did the Audit Actually Cost?

Just this week, Cyber Ninjas released another important document related to the Arizona Audit: the Income Statement for the first seven and a half months of the investigation.


Here are the Top 5 expenses listed on the report:


$5,243,593 for Payroll and Labor Costs

$1,182,971 for Depreciation Expenses

$627,176 for Professional Services

$543,871 for Travel Expenses

$253,327 for Supplies


Immediately people questioned why taxpayers would fund such an expensive audit after, February 23, 2021, when Maricopa County announced that forensic audits of its vote tabulation equipment, completed by U.S. Election Assistance Commission accredited Auditors, had found no irregularities in the machines.


Other Questions have been raised around the depreciation expense of 100% of their equipment, nearly 1.2 million dollars. Other questions surmounted around the “Other Income” section where $1,000,000 was labeled as “Third Party Payments to Subcontractors”. 


Americans are tired of politicians spending hard-working American taxpayer dollars on political stunts. We want transparency for how our tax dollars have been spent. More investigation is needed to know exactly how money was spent during the Arizona Audit Process.

Understanding the Arizona audit report: What did the Cyber Ninjas find and what's next?

The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com break down the Cyber Ninjas Arizona Forensic Audit report, what it means, and what will come next.

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