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What's one of the biggest obstacles to freedom? Medical debt

Medical debt affects 1-in-5 Americans, burdening them with often insurmountable debt that hurts their credit and eliminates to ability afford a stable home or make ends meet. 


As long as these hard working Americans are beholden to collection agencies, they will struggle to be truly free. 

There are still ways we can help our fellow Americans overcome medical debt and get back on their feet.


Medicaid expansion has decreased medical debt by 44% since 2014 in state that expanded it to cover more Americans needing healthcare. And studies show that families with full health insurance coverage have a median medical debt of $2,000, whereas families without full insurance coverage have a median debt of $3,000.


Why do we care as free citizens? By expanding insurance coverage through Medicaid to cover more Americans, we can reduce their medical debt and enable them to spend their dollars supporting their families and their local economies. Every dollar spent in small business instead of paying collection agencies is an investment in our economy and the American Dream.    

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