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USA Accepts Afghan Allies as Refugees Seeking Freedom and a Better Life 

The USA is accepting  120,000 Afghan refugees following the withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of August.


These refugees are seeking asylum after their homes have been torn apart by war for decades, and many fear retaliation and death from the Taliban after cooperating with the US occupation in the region.


They have received a special humanitarian visa known as a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), along with their family members.


One of these families recently arrived to California—mom, dad, and two children under 5.


They have been placed in a low-income apartment in Sacramento, California. Though the apartment is empty—it does not even have beds—the father said,”No worries. For now, we are managing.”


This family, like so many others, is just grateful to be safe in the USA and able to pursue a new life after losing their old one.


 Vanassa Hamra, with World Relief Sacramento who is organizing the refugees’ arrival, said her goal is to help them cover the first few months of rent and get them connected with a job. After that, they are on their own to pursue the American Dream in the safe and free USA.

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