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Biden Administration Does Right By Texan Family After Government Overreach through Eminent Domain

A Texas family’s land has been returned after it was seized for border wall construction.

The Biden administration will return the land of a Texas family after seizing property for border wall construction, according to Tuesday court filing.

The United States government moved to return the land it seized from a Texas family for border wall construction, following public outcry over the use of the private property through eminent domain.

Contrary to common belief, much of the American-Mexican border is made up of private family ranches. One of those belongs to the Cavazoz family, which has been fighting to keep their property since 2018 when the plan for constructing the border wall went into overdrive.

To take the Cavazoz’ family land, the US government used the highly contested policy, eminent domain, which has been disputed since its inception as government overreach.

Under President Donald Trump, the US government started to move faster than ever before to take land to build the border wall. His administration seized at least 135 tracts of private land and planned on taking over 990 more tracts of land to complete the border wall.

For those Americans whose land is threatened, the biggest border crisis has been one of government overreach.

Many republican leaders have spoken against this brazen use of power by political figures. In 2016, Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) attacked then candidate Trump over his support for seizing private land.

The Cruz campaign called eminent domain a “fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them—like Trump.”

Now, the Biden administration has moved to return land to the citizens whose land was unjustly taken. The Cavazos family is among those getting their land back after reaching an agreement with the federal government.



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